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My good friend and N2BM.com writer “RussianStar” gives you another great short article to digest. He cuts through the BS and gives you the real information you need to make a decisions about what chemicals to put in your body to build muscle and burn fat, and which ones to stay away from to spare your heath. He just condenses all this info into a short read that you can understand easily, and if you want to do a little extra reading, the links to the University Studies that he uses to back his claims are all listed at the bottom of the article.

Today RussianStar is going to tear apart the myths about “Icariin” a very powerful chemical that is very much misunderstood and you’ll learn why why some researchers may even compare it to Viagra in it’s form of action.. Most of you know “Icariin” as the active chemical in Horney Goat Weed, and many Bodybuilders swear by this chemical’s effects, while other have been disappointed with under-dose cheap “Horney Goat Weed” products that just didn’t deliver enough “Icariin” to do anything. Read on see how “Icariin” will help you in the gym and in the bedroom and why this is such a powerful ingredient to use during Post Cycle Therapy and beyond.

HCGenerate ES and what gives it that “Extra Strength”

Here it is guys, from our good friend RussianStar:

The Icariin in Horney Goat Weed and it’s effects by RussianStar.

HCGenErection-VerticalLets face it, what makes a man, a real man? At the top of the list you would probably say, sex drive, or libido… That always scores highly.

If you look on any bodybuilding forum, the number of times someone is posting questions and feeling really worried because they are on cycle and everything has stopped working down there, or they are mid PCT, or even months after a cycle is finished, and they don’t have the desire or stiffness required to have daily intercourse with their mate. Search the forums and you will find thousands of threads on the subject of how many men have their dicks go limp for not using Steroids properly, and not running a proper PCT. The reason being, it’s a big problem, there aren’t many solutions, and it makes a guy feel pretty useless to not be able to get it up, when she needs it and wants it up and hard too.

They say prevention is better than a cure, so the very powerful prevention I recommend is using HCGenerate ES with every cycle and even after PCT. HCGenerate ES contains a very powerful dose of “Icarrin” in a high standardized extract that is 40% in potency which is much stronger than the cheap 10% stuff that most guys never get any benefits from

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The whole formula is packed with proven ingredients, but today I will focus on discussing Icariin in particular, as this is the one ingredient for stiffness and desire that stands head and shoulders above many other herbs…

Horny Goat Weed – Epimedium or Horny Goat Weed was originally used in folk medicine as a natural way to heal the kidneys and it has been cultivated in Asia as a natural aphrodisiac and even today it has been used in best-selling supplements exactly the same way. The active ingredient in this plant is Icariin and this HCGenerate ES formula sports a 40% standardized extract and ensures its potency – some guys who complain about “not responding” to Horney Goat Weed may have been using a lower quality 10% extract that is so common. N2BM is only using the highest 40% potency extract of the Horney Goat Weed. Icariin works to improve sexual health because its presence causes the body to respond with nitric oxide; thereby, improving blood flow. When increased amounts of nitric oxide are circulating through the blood stream it causes red blood cells to expand and results in better blood flow to your veins. It also works to improve the sensitivity of sensory nerves as well as improving sperm count and quality.

Lets break down Icariin’s mode of action.

One of the big factors in why anabolic steroids work so well is that they improve nitrogen retention. Icariin can be counted on to provide the nitrogen retention benefits, without suppression and other problems associated with Steroids.

Why is Nitrogen retention important to you?

Nitrogen is a compound that can be found only in protein.  In competitive athletes Nitrogen levels can be measured and used as an accurate indicator to determine the body’s protein stores. The more nitrogen you have means you have a lot of protein available to help you in muscle-building and repair. Minimal amounts of nitrogen is indicative of low protein stores, and this would mean you are in a catabolic state.
Nitrogen retention is the amount of protein that is retained by the body. As for nitrogen balance, this is merely the balance between your protein intake or retention and whats used during your exercising.

Types of Nitrogen Balance.

Positive nitrogen retention is the ideal balance for every bodybuilder to achieve during and after workout. In positive nitrogen balance, the nitrogen retention levels are greater than that of loss so you have plenty to use to help with repair. Positive balance causes an anti-catabolic affect, and helps you recover much faster and build more muscle.

This is one reason why Steroids and HGH works so well, as it stimulates a positive nitrogen balance.

During Post Cycle Therapy and after, often nitrogen retention decreases repidly and your Nitrogen balance becomes negative, there is not enough protein available for muscle recovery, your pumps suffer, your erections suffer, and of course you look flat and less vascular… all because of this one simple factor: negative Nitrogen balance.

Icariin in HGW (horny goat weed) Can reverse negative nitrogen balance and restore it to its positive level. Preventing the undesired affect mention just previously. Not only does it prevent the side effects, but you get to enjoy all of the benefits of a good positive Nitrogen balance.

Icariin acts by inhibiting the Enzyme cGMP specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) , This enzyme promotes the loss or degradation of cGMP (Cyclic guanosine monophosphate) , and because of that less blood flow reaches the penis, Icariin, the active compound in Epimedium, inhibits the activity of PDE-5 This is much the same as Viagra, only to a lesser extent, Icariin is very potent, without the nasty sides of Viagra.

The other thing to note is that Horney Goat Weed seems to have at least in some studies the ability to up regulate the genes involved with Nitric oxide production and the actions of adenosine/guanine monophosphate, This is something no other PDE-5 inhibitor has any affects on, so Icariin really shines where other fall short.

Epimendium and desire.

You can sometimes hear of people who take Viagra saying everything works but they have no desire or libido to go with the hardness… For these guys, Epimendium can help.

Remember I said it has an affect on Adenosine, well . Adenosine It is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, believed to play a role in promoting sleep and suppressing arousal, You feel tired, with no drive… This happens after an AAS cycle, That’s when Adenosine is at its highest, while Nitrogen retention is at its lowest,  Epimendium can actually suppress Adenosine through its direct actions on DNA as an antagonist to Adenosine, much like caffeine is. HGW can increase both the level and duration of action of acetylcholine.

I propose that through its positive affects on Acetylcholine the excitatory neurotransmitter can get to work at certain neuromuscular points, increasing the brain- penis connection and so improving libido.

Once again N2BM has produced an extraordinary product that can help you not only reach your goals, but FEEL GOOD reaching them, and help you recover your lost manhood after a heavy cycle.

In fact, using HCGenerate ES during cycle can alleviate many of the symptoms normally experienced of a sluggish or lowered libido, and promote much faster recovery in PCT.








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