By: M-Rods

I always thought this phrase was pretty funny, but in all reality it holds true when looking at whatever you’re trying to achieve.  Nothing in regards to fitness happens overnight.  Its all about learning and getting a little better each day until well….you’re walking lol.

A child has to start with rolling over, sitting up, crawling, standing up, then walking.  All of this can take up to a year to accomplish.  All of us want results in a few days, but it just doesn’t happen like that.

We have to keep pushing each and everyday just like a baby does.  with that same diligence we are sure to reach any fitness goal we set out for ourselves. 

Everyday we get up and eat the right things, take our supplements, exercise we get one step closer to where we want to be. Each day is cumulative, each day gets a little easier and easier until it becomes second nature.


—Plan and prepare your meals in advance, this simple task not only saves you time each day, but makes eating the right meal each and every time allot easier.  i make most of my meals for the week on Sunday’s, freeze them , and take the next days food out of the freezer and into the fridge the night before.

—keep your supplements for the day with you, use a pill container (yes like old people use). most supplements work best when you follow the directions lol, so if its 1 3x a day, spread them out, if its 30 prior to food , well take it 30 min prior.  Take full advantage of the supplements you take.

—Schedule your workout times like they are appointments.  Let everyone in your life know, theres 1 hour that belongs to you and you alone.  In all reality the world, family, spouse can live without you for 3-5 hours a week.  By doing this consistently they’ll all know, that’s your time and hopefully they won’t bother you.

Try these couple of steps and in no time hopefully you’ll be up and walking to…………..

By M-Rods

 Why do we do the things we do in this crazy world of Bodybuilding?  Is it simply for the health benefits and a sense of accomplishment?  Bullshit, dig deeper.  Is it to attract a mate…maybe or is it something deeper. Come on think about it, don’t most of our decisions in our adult life have some basis of what happened in our childhood.  Were you a fat or scrawny kid that got picked on, teased about how you looked?  Were there popular kids that pissed you off day in and day out making school miserable?  Did you never get picked for sports teams, social clubs or never get asked to dances?  Any of this sounds familiar?  If it does and it bothers you I’m sorry for that.  I’m not here to pick scabs but to make you think about why we are where we are now. 

 I don’t feel any of this is wrong to use as motivation, if fact I think using your past to strengthen your future can be very healing and gratifying. I guess my point is we need to identify it, accept it and move forward.

 For myself I don’t think I could’ve grown up in a more negative environment.  An environment of mis-trust, lies and a constant reminder that I would never accomplish anything.  Nowhere was safe, I spent hours outside playing sports just to avoid being in the house; I have never seen or been a part of an unhappier place.  If you think a child can separate his home and school life or how he interacts with other people you are sadly mistaken.  The self-doubt transcends throughout all interactions with people and public situations.  The sheltered protection from the “real world” was too much too bare.  The continuous “everything is perfect” vial that was over my little perfect family had reached it boiling point.  So at 15 ½ I moved out of the house, because I’d rather sleep at friend’s houses, or the park or even the mall parkade than live in the big perfect house.  I would show them I am worth something, I would accomplish something, so off I went.  Luckily at 15 I knew everything, lol.  I tried many jobs, sports, homes, roommates, and girls in my quest to find my way.  Let’s fast forward a bit. At 17 I bought my first Bodybuilding mag, Honestly I stopped at it because Shelly Beatty was on the cover, she was standing beside a very buff looking muscle chef we know as John Romano.  I must’ve read that mag front to back a hundred times but the only things that stuck was lifting weights.  I fell in love with lifting more and more weight regardless of the horrible form I was using.  That weight had to get from A to B, end of story.  When I trained, it was truly my time; no one else in the world mattered or could tell me I was wrong.  Unfortunately that attitude kept me from really progressing.  It took up until just a few years ago to finally figure it out; there was a family of people out there, even though their reasons were very different, they want the same things as I did. To grow, improve, excel, win, and most importantly to belong.   

 So why have I shared this with you all?  Well even if we all came from different places, were all trying to get to the same destination…………………………………………………………………………………………….to feel like we belong.