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HCGENERATE BACK IN STOCK…..HCGENERATE is the product formerly known as HCGenerate. The ONE OF A KIND Bodybuilding product, as it covers everything, and it’s the most versatile product on the market today…I stand by the quality of our potent supplements.”– CEO N2BM
If you have already used our HCGenerate product before — well, this is the same product. 🙂  We changed the name from HCGenerate to N2Generate, but the ingredient panel is still the same.  Please rest assured you will receive the same product you always loved. (just with a new name :))

N2Generate is unlike any other herbal Bodybuilding product, in that it uses ingredients to target the leydig cells.

How does it target leydig cells?
N2Generate uses fadogia agrestis as one of its main active ingredients. Fadogia agrestis is an herb that has been used in folk medicine for decades! This herb is believed by experts to have the ability to stimulate the Leydig cells.

Fig 1. Fadogia agrestis Plant

What the heck is a Leydig cell you ask? Well, (keep reading) — As men age, the Leydig cells activity decreases, putting strain on the pituitary gland. In turn, this will causes low levels of natural hormone production.  In studies, Fadogia agrestis has been shown to stimulate these Leydig Cells.  When the leydig cells are stimulated, the pituitary can begin to function at a normal pace and your body will produce a higher concentration of both free test and total serum levels. (1)

Fig 2. Leydig Cells
Stand-alone Bodybuilding Product
N2Generate with fadogia agrestis stem extract is used by many athletes trying to put on muscle mass in a very safe way.
I’m sure you’re asking yourself, Is this really true? well guys, where the heck is the science ? Here it is:

Tribulus Terrestris and Zinc:
The addition of Tribulus Terrestris and Zinc are all meant to help the body perform at peak levels. When you hit the gym hard, you don’t want to half ass it!   
The goal is to get in there, kill the workout and get out! 
The added aggression in the gym is there to help you break plateaus and set new records. That’s what the high quality Tribulus and zinc are meant to do in the formula.

The HCGenerate formula has always been able to help you deliver your best, and you find the same formula here in N2Generate. – Nelson Montana
Who uses N2Generate?
  • Competitive Bodybuilders, to keep muscle gains solid.
  • Bodybuilders looking to prevent shut down.
  • Natural Bodybuilders who seek to promote natural hormone production.
  • Users who want to take something TOTALLY LEGAL. Made in the USA.
  • Those not wanting injections.

Serving Size 5 capsules
Servings Per bottle: 30
Amount Per Serving:**
Fadogia Agrestis 
Fenugreek PE Extract (50%) 
3,4 Divanillytahydrofuran 
Bulgarain Tribulus Terrestris 
Vitamin E 
** Percent Daily Values not established.
N2Generate Warning: (DISCLAIMER)
Consult your physician before using this product. It is not intended for use by individuals under 18 years of age or woman. Do not use or combine with other dietary supplements. Do not use if you have or are being treated for prostate hypertrophy, cancer, heart, liver, cardiovascular, kidney, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, low HDL, taking antidepressants, MAO inhibitors, or any other prescription drugs. Do not exceed suggested servings. Do not exceed 12 weeks continuous use. Possible side effects may include: acne, and increased levels of androgens.
“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”
KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This product is intended for adults only. Not for use for anyone under 18 years of age, pregnant or nursing women. If you have had a medical condition or are currently using prescription drugs, consult your physician before using this product. Avoid this product if you have any previous history of medical dysfunction or disease including but not limited to kidney disease. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.
“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ALWAYS consult your physician before taking supplements.”


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20 reviews for HCGenerate (N2Generate)™

  1. Sam B.

    I was skeptical at first. This is the 1st time I used a test booster during pct, but it’s been amazing. My balls look great, PCT is awesome, full recovery and clean bloods, test back to normal.

  2. Mike L.

    Started using this product midway thru my cycle, my balls bounced back, sex drive has been thru the roof. I will continue to use this product post cycle too.

  3. Ellerbe Woodberry, Jr.

    Very good and informative

  4. Andy C

    Does as prescribed, and legal
    Bit pricey though

  5. [email protected]

    Very informative and educational which is very necessary today with
    All the crap out and about these days. Better to get info from an
    Informed source!! Great Job !!!

  6. Mike williams

    not used it yet, I just think I will try it before going on my winstrol cycle at the end of the Tren cycle

  7. FlexYourMuscles

    Ok so how do we use it. I see serving size but no instructions. Or did I miss it?

  8. Rob Allen

    Can this be used at the beginning of a SARMS cycle rather than in the middle without negative effects?

  9. Amit Sri


    Please confirm can this be used at the beginning of a SARMS cycle….



  11. Ed E

    I used one bottle and it worked really well with getting it done in the gym after doing a pro hormone cycle. I haven’t used any supplements for 2 months. Just started Epi 3 Andro for 2 month cycle and will definitely get N2Generate BUT this time I’m getting a 2 month supply. IT WORKS!

  12. Edward Engle

    I’ve used this before after a pro hormone cycle and IT WORKS! That’s why I purchased it again to follow up after another cycle, though this time I got N2Guard to go along with it.

  13. Ed

    I have used N2generate Before after a prohormone cycle and it works! That’s why I bought it again but this time I bought N2guard To go along with it.

  14. Jared

    Best otc test booster out there

  15. John

    Great site with great info. I appreciate your posting.

  16. Dr. Fruge’

    Good and useful info. Appreciate you knowledge and research.

  17. John

    I was concerned about my pct but you have all I need and have educated me. I now know where to go for knowledge and research. I will refer others to this site.

  18. Noel collver

    Great Supplement while on cycle.

  19. Bradshaw

    Was on TRT for 2 years trying to have a baby with my wife with no luck. I did some research and found out that the TRT was like a male birth control. I ordered three bottles of N2generate and took religiously. Two and a half bottles later we were pregnant. I’m by no means an expert but from what I’ve read it takes up to a year to go back to normal after TRT. I stand by this product.

  20. Brad Potch

    I’ve used the product in the past and I’d like to get my hands on it again but I cannot afford to pay so much for shipping and cannot pay full price! Need two packs again and I could justify. Need better shipping options.

    COMPANY ANSWER: Please order 2 bottles shipping price doesn’t increase.

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